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Nicaragua Adventures

Founded in 1999-Custom trips to Nicaragua, Costa Rica & Panama.

I remember to have read somewhere “what matters is not the destination, it’s the adventure along the way”. This applies perfectly to our company’s philosophy and the travel experiences we try to offer.

We, at Nicaragua Adventures design and operate custom itineraries for travelers looking for unique and authentic experiences in Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama (the three countries can be visited either separately or together in the same trip, according to your interest and the number of days available). As we are onsite, we spend good amounts of time spotting new properties and activities and having a privileged relationship with our partners, carefully select lodges, activities, guides, restaurants and all services that we use for our guests, we offer an insider’s knowledge of the countries we offer. We take care of every detail of your trip as we want you to return home with the feeling that you have lived a truly wonderful experience, not just a “nice vacation”, which the “crowd” -who by the way often tries to copy us- would be able to provide.

The best way to start planning a trip with us is to fill our “custom trip form” so that we can design this unique, perfect trip you are looking for.

You will also find several sample, suggested itineraries in our web page, which can be customized according to your interests, budget and schedule. We are also glad to give you a preliminary phone call if you wish.

Share our passion for travel and enjoy!

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Sample Itineraries