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Our philosophy and what we do for you!

What makes us different?
Is Nicaragua Adventure just “one more tour operator” in Central America? We hope no. Thanks to our long years of experience in the tourism industry in the area, we got to learn and understand people’s different ways of travel. We know you all have different wishes, needs, possibilities, time and restrictions. The trips featured in our website are examples of what we offer, and most of our trips get generally customized from there. Our goal is to offer you the “unique trip” you have been dreaming of, and to deliver exactly what you have asked for and are expecting. Big groups with strangers traveling together are not our “big thing” (at all!); we focus on tailor trips for families, couples or self-formed groups, built around their expectations. While we would like to show you the truly spectacular tourist attractions, we also like to show less traveled areas and explore places where you can wander around away from massive tourist spots and meet the locals and learn about the authenticity of our countries. Thus we leave our offices as much as possible to discover and experience new, interesting attractions, experience new places and visit lodging options, in all the 3 countries we serve.

We are local experts
Being onsite, we know all our partners and work directly with them, visit in a regular basis, know the new attractions and properties before anybody, and know the trends and happenings in tourism in our country. So working with us, you deal directly with the service provider (our travel experts), not with an intermediary who may never have visited the country, or have a limited knowledge.

Our offices are in Nicaragua, since our company was founded in 1999. We have an extensive local network of partners such as guides, transportation, lodging, local airlines, and many more individuals or micro company that “make it possible” every day. The infrastructure is still challenging – Nicaragua is still finding its tourism feet while the other countries are a little less challenging to operate – but we take care of every detail in the logistics, anticipate problems, and—should surprises occur—will find immediate solutions. Please check us online for references about our company. Whether you are looking for a relaxing vacation, a glamorous honeymoon, an active family trip with lot of fun and wildlife watching on the way, an adventure with challenging activities, a sightseeing and highlights trip, or have something different in mind, our friendly and professional team of travel designers is pleased to put our expertise at your service. It is time to start planning your next vacation with us!

Sample Itineraries

Sample Itineraries