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We offer different options for transportation in the different countries we operate.

In Nicaragua we offer “transportation only” if you are not looking for a travel package but just transfers; in Costa Rica and Panama we offer packages only, not just transportation or day tours.

Nicaragua: We own our fleet of vehicles for more flexibility and comfort. Most transportation is privately operated, as there is no reliable shuttle company here yet. On request we offer you transfers and tours in luxury SUV’s (Toyota Land Cruiser or similar).

We offer vehicles of different types (sedans, 4x4s in “rough terrain”, luxury SUV’s on request, vans and minibuses, according to the number of guests), of reliable brands like Toyota, Hyundai or Mercedes. We do not use cheap, low quality Chinese copies, nor do we accommodate 15 people in a minibus that’s designed for 15 people where the suitcases would have to be in the roof, but rather a maximum of 8-9 people in such a van.

Our units are all new or recent and in excellent shape. All vehicles have a/c and car insurance is included. We take care of maintenance and strictly select, train and monitor our drivers; some of them speak some English. Please check the reviews about our company in Trip Advisor, where many guests have posted great comments about our drivers and tour guides: www.tripadvisor etc etc. When we use boats (for touring or transportation, like touring in lake Nicaragua & the islands, taking a ferry to reach Ometepe) we use safe boats only, with individual life jackets available.We do offer private charters (aircrafts or helicopters), for both touring and transfers.

 Costa Rica: in our itineraries, we offer private transfers, shared shuttles (door to door), or also transfers and tours in luxury SUV’s. Tours are generally operated in small groups, but can be privately operated on request.

We do offer private charters (aircrafts or helicopters), for both touring and transfers.

 Panama: for transfers we offer private transfers only, in a/c vans or minibuses (there is no reliable shuttle company here yet). Tours may be either privately operated or in groups for some specific activities. On request transfers and tours can be operated in luxury SUV’s.

 We offer self-drive itineraries, if required, for part or your entire itinerary. Drive yourself is a possibility if you like to be more independent (it can be a little cheaper too). However, you need to know that the driving conditions in Central America are very different from those in your home country: there are very few roads signs, many roads are not in good shape (damaged, or dirt roads), many people don’t respect the basic traffic rules like using the blinker when they want to turn or pass a vehicle; you will find wild horses and cows even in the major highways etc. Corrupt police officers can be an issue too, and not easy to deal with if you don’t speak Spanish or/and do not know the country’s traffic rules. The less comfortable to drive by yourself is Nicaragua, due to different aspects (about 5 % only of our clients still choose this way of traveling). Many people who chose this option then say they didn’t feel as comfortable as they wished. If you wish to drive by yourself, we will send you a list of recommendations once the booking is made.




Sample Itineraries

Sample Itineraries