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At Nicaragua Adventures we set and operate tours all over Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. So in case you wish to visit more than just one country (in a single or in separate trips) you as you don’t have to deal with different companies and different individuals/travel planners as we are in charge and on top of everything!!! We worked in tourism several years in Costa Rica before he moved to Nicaragua, and visit Costa Rica and Panama in regular basis in Familiarization trips scouting new lodges and activities, so we are very familiar with all 3 countries and have a well-established network of partners!

Although neighbors and relatively small countries, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama all have their own specificities and attractions (natural wonders, activities, culture & history, beaches, people & way of life, weather…) and all guests who have combined 2 or 3 more of these places with us have really enjoyed their experiences, so we can only encourage people to take such trips! However, you have to be aware that the logistic can be an issue with border crossings, so we recommend contacting us before buying your flights, when interested in such trips. You may fly between countries or cross borders; it all depends on your time, budget, and the places we will include in each country, according to your interests. We also recommend at least 10-12 days if you wish to combine 2 countries, and at least 15 days to see Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama.

In our section you will find a few different samples of combined itineraries, which vary by their duration, activities (from classical sightseeing and beach activities to adventure trips) and transportation (self-drive, with transfers or fully private tours). We are very flexible, so if you don’t find exactly what you are looking for, just let us know and we will design a tailor, unique itinerary for you!


Sample Itineraries

Sample Itineraries