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In each of the destinations we cover, we offer daily activities for all of our guests, whether they are couples, families and small-mid size groups: sightseeing, gentle walks/hikes, farm tours to share the native’s way of life, cultural tours in ancient colonial cities or native villages, cooking classes, wildlife watching (crocodiles, birds, dolphins and whales, turtles, monkeys and other mammals, snakes and other reptiles..), more adventurous activities such as rafting, zip line tours, volcano hikes, rappelling, sand boarding in active volcanoes, kayaking in lakes, rivers and estuaries, horseback riding in large farms or on deserted beaches, mountain biking, gondola rides above the canopy, hikes to waterfalls and much more… Each country has its specificities and possibilities, due to its geography, history and climate. Each of our itineraries can be tailored so the best way to get started is to fill our Trip Custom so that we include the activities you are looking for, and we will include the activities according to your interests, fitness, budget and time. When possible, we also try to include activities on the way from one destination to the other, so that you don’t waste time in long, boring transfers, but instead can enjoy a “adventure transfers” so that each day of your vacation is unique and features new experiences. Please note that in Nicaragua and Costa Rica, we offer day tours only, if you do not wish to book a full package; In Panama, we book full packages only. In Nicaragua, most activities are privately operated.

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Sample Itineraries

Sample Itineraries